EAD is an open-ended creative space focusing mainly on graphic design. The goal is to create work that is fresh and sincere. Creative solutions should inspire by being intangible and visually stunning.

I design with the belief that process and the effort should be as enjoyable and fun as achieving the end result.



Many things in life make me happy. In make-up artistry it’s  knowing that I did the very best I can. I strive to make each and every face “blooming lovely”.

Happiness is every time I step back and look at a face I just finished. It is a little part of me carefully crafted and brought into being – a very satisfying feeling!


moinoi blog

About 3 years ago we packed our lives into boxes and moved to Zürich from Johannesburg. This journal is an ongoing project capturing life and inspiration as I know it. Share in my dreams, see the places I visit and meet the interesting people get to know along the way.

This is me, expressing myself, finding solid ground and learning to love this amazing country.